E2 Participants

 I would like to take this time to thank Mark Davis, Seth Bausman, and all of those who have helped out with the MS E2 bigger, faster, stronger, and speed program this school year. 

E2 (Enough is Enough) is a program that was started 3 years ago that was designed to get middle school aged students committed to the weight room and with speed/plyometric programs that we offer.  Mark Davis, Greg Bell, and Seth Bausman were the leaders in the creation of this program and is being continued strongly with new members helping out - Eric Swan, Kyle Coon, and many others.

We are beginning to really see the benefits of this commitment.  We are really trying to promote this and make it the best possible venue that we can.  Thank you all for your support in the excellence of our students and student-athletes in the Boscobel School District!  Very proud to be a part of the good things that are happening!

 E2 Participants

Enough is Enough program participants. (MS bigger, faster, stronger weight training and speed/ploymetric training program.) We at Boscobel Area Schools are so proud of all participants! Thank you for a great school year! We cannot wait to see the advances throughout the summer sessions. 


 70% or higher participation

E2 Program - 70% or higher participation rate out of 93 days. Chase Beinborn had 93 out of 93 days! Congratulations! Keep up the good work!