Given the trends and challenges we face, 
Strategic Priorities give meaning and guidance to our work in the 21st Century: 

· Success – Preparing youth who graduate from Boscobel to succeed in      their next endeavor. To achieve this priority, our students must consistently meet or exceed high academic standards and develop physically, socially  and emotionally healthy habits as a result of what they learn and do in our schools.

· Safety –Assuring that our schools are safe places to learn and work.

· Partnerships – Engaging our parents in meaningful ways so they feel like partners in their child’s education. Establishing strong and productive partnerships with business and community.

· Environment – Creating welcoming environments well-suited to life-long learning of students, staff, parents and community.

· Support – Actively involving and communicating with families and the community as a way to develop support for our vision of excellence.

· Equity – Offering challenging, diverse and contemporary curriculum and instruction that assures all students equitable opportunities for learning.

· Quality – Recruiting, developing and retaining a highly competent and professional workforce.

Every aspect of our operations, from what we do in the classroom to our administrative policies and practices should be consistent with our beliefs.

  We Believe

· The needs of the Students are foremost;

· A successful educational system is based on clear, open, and frequent communication;

· Everyone in the community, including students, should be involved in the decision-making process;

· Educating the whole child is a shared responsibility of the child, family, school, and community;

· That the learning experience should be valued as a lifelong process;

· Every individual entitled to an equal educational opportunity that develops individual potential;

· All children are entitled to a safe, caring, and positive environment in which to learn and live;

· District’s uniqueness and available resources should be the force behind present and future direction;

· Change is a dynamic process.  Child, family, school, and community must understand and meet this challenge;

· Every child shall be afforded opportunities and be expected to meet his/her full potential.