Boscobel's Trap Team "Bird-Dogs" 

Boscobel's Trap Team "Bird-Dogs" had 26 teammates go to Rome Wisconsin yesterday. At this event, we competed against 24 teams; each of our athletes shot at 100 targets.

Drew Brown scored 97 or 100 and was the top male and the top gun of all shooters.

Kayla Hackl shot her personal best and was awarded third place in the Novus class.

Levi wetter received his award for being one of the top shooters in our conference..

In all, there were over 250 participants, 24 teams and over 30,000 rounds of ammunition were shot during competition yesterday.

At the end of the shoot, Boscobel was crowned team state champion. It was a great day for our kids, parents, coaches and community.

~Congratulations to the Boscobel Clay Target League Team - Bird-Dogs are honored with Conference Championship and State Championship. Boscobel High School is very proud of their accomplishments! Way to represent our school in such a positive fashion! Thank you to all of the parents, fans, organizers, coaches, and administration for all of the efforts in making this such a great event for our students.