"Chromebooks in Action"

This page is to let the public know what has been done with the Chrome books in the Boscobel Area School. 
This page is a work in progress!

Mrs. Kendrick’s Third Grade Class, 
The first thing we tried on the Chromebooks was a never ending story.  Each student started a story then “shared” it with the student who is after them alphabetically.  We spent the lab session, adding one sentence to everyone else’s story.  They turned out quite interestingly. For our Japan unit, we typed haiku poems, and searched for photos of Japan to illustrate them. I administered two quizzes for science by creating a form to share with the students. My students have taken STAR Reader tests on their Chromebooks, and AR Tests as well. Next week we will be creating Easter cards.  Next month my students will create slide shows their favorite activities and events from third grade. They will be able to use the photos I have taken throughout the year in their presentations.

Mrs. Brisbois's Third Grade Class, 
My class has used the Chromebooks in the classroom instead of going to the computer lab for the last 4 weeks. The students are using the Chromebooks and Google Docs to create a presentation with slides about themselves. The technology dept. has helped out with Internet issues and has shown the class different features on Google Docs. They have taken AR tests using them. Using the Chromebooks, we won’t miss our computer time because of MAPS testing. The students enjoy using the Chromebooks.

Mr.Schneider, Mrs.Schweiger, and Mrs.Trumm the sixth grade teachers have Chrome books for their students.

Mrs. Calliari (HS Science), Mrs. Lucey (MS/HS Spanish), Mrs. Harris (MS Reading) started a blog to show how they have implemented the Chrome books in their classrooms it is called " Chromebooks in Action"