Food Service Collection Procedures

Collection procedures shall be as follows:

1.Families with account balances at or below $10.00 will be notified by an automated calling system that will run a minimum of two times a week. 

2. Family accounts will be reviewed weekly to determine account status.  All accounts owing $15.00 or more will be mailed a statement that shows the amount owed and a notice that the student(s) will receive a “sack lunch” consisting of a peanut butter sandwich and a carton
of milk when their family account reaches $25.00 in 2013-14.  Payment or payment arrangements will be expected within seven calendar days of the mailing.

3. Families will be notified by telephone and/or mail when their family account is $25.00 in arrears.  An attempt shall be made to personally contact families who will be denied access to school food service the school day prior to the actual termination of meals.  This notification will also inform them that the student(s) will receive a “sack lunch”, consisting of a peanut butter sandwich and a carton of milk until the account balance is paid in full or a mutually agreed upon payment plan is reached.

 In accordance with USDA regulations, children receiving free meal benefits will be provided a first serving for breakfast and lunch even if the family account is in arrears.  Balances incurred prior to application approval remain the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

All students will be provided a meal if they have money in hand to pay for a current days meal even if the food service accounts includes an uncollected amount.

4 Principals and administrative assistants will be informed of students receiving a “sack lunch” in their respective buildings and classes the morning of the scheduled denial.  Notification will be sent via telephone call from the District Office to each school.  Students will receive their “sack lunch” from the school office prior to their lunchtime to avoid any unnecessary embarrassment.

5. If the student is served a “sack lunch” for two consecutive days without  parent/guardian making payment or arrangements, the Department of Human Services will be contacted.

6. Parents/guardians will be sent a certified letter if there has been no response to the notification concerning the $25.00 negative balance within seven calendar days.

7. The Food Service Director or designee may proceed with legal action to secure collection of unpaid debts not paid within 30 days of receipt of the certified letter unless an alternative payment plan has been reached.  The charges for the legal action shall be added to the unpaid debt due the district.

8. At the end of the school year, a certified letter will be sent to families whose accounts are $25.00 or more in arrears stating that the negative balance must be paid prior to the start of the next school year.  If not paid, the student may not be permitted to participate in breakfast, regular lunch or milk break.

9.The Financial Manager and Food Service Director shall review all outstanding obligations and approve for write-off any debt which they determine remains noncollectable at the end of each fiscal year.