High/Middle School Staff   
  Rod Lewis Principal HS\MS  Email  2314
  Joey Martin Activities Director HS\MS  Email  2315
Suzanne Brinkman School Nurse HS Email 3003
Kathy Bray 

HS  Email  2317
Ruth Brown

HS  Email  2316

Technology Director HS
Rhonda Scallon Guidance Counselor & Alternative Ed Cord. HS  Email  2319
Donna Hill  Head of Food Service   HS  Email  2308
Jim Trumm
HS Email

Alyssa Stevenson English  MS   Email  2340
Lonnie Clark

MS  Email  2342
Micheal Vergeront Math
MS Email  2337
Ingrid Fry Social Studies/Mock Trial MS  Email  2339
Grant Reynolds Math MS  Email  2341

English/Language Arts  HS  Email  2325
Jean Salzgeber  English/Public Speaking  HS   Email  2324
Emily Blackbourn Vocal Music   HS   Email  2305 Click Here
John Moran Technology Ed HS  Email  2302
Mark Ekiss Spanish  HS  Email  2323
Allie Harris  Reading-Grades 7-8 HS  Email  2344
Randy Streeter Physical Ed/Health HS  Email  2312
Rhonda Zart  Music  HS  Email  2351 Click Here
Brenda Ott  Library Para   HS  Email  2333
Thomas Battersby Instrumental Music  HS  Email  2307 Click Here
Kathy Larsen   Health/Physical Ed  HS  Email  2311
Cindy Anderson Family Consumer Ed HS  Email  2304
Robert Harry Social Studies/Psychology  HS  Email  2327
Russ Atkinson  Dean of Students
Social Studies/History 
HS  Email  2326/2314
Julie Schellhorn  Chemistry/Physics  HS  Email  2331
Julie Zart 
Business Ed 

HS  Email  2343
Jodie Haney Biology  HS  Email  2329
Ben Johnston 

HS  Email  2303
Jeff Ostheimer  Agriculture/Science  HS  Email  2301
Sue Weigel 
Food Service 

HS  Email  2308
Denise Pitzer 
Food Service  

HS  Email  3517
Michael Vergeront Math  HS  Email  2328
Joan Anthony

HS  Email  2322
Skyler Reynolds  Spec Ed Grades 7-9  HS  Email  2352
Kinney Kyle  Spec Ed - Grades 7-12  HS  Email  2336
Donna Graham  Spec Ed - Grades 7-12   HS  Email  2335
Cindy French  Spec Ed - Grades 7-12 HS  Email  2321
Wally Byrne  Spec Ed - Grades 7-12 HS Email  2338
John Boeick Custodian HS
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Frank Phalin Custodian HS
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Billy Updike Custodian HS
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Faith Freymiller Spec Ed - Para  HS Email 2334