Music students from Boscobel participated in a Wisconsin School Music Association (WSMA) sanctioned Concert Music Festival on Wednesday, May 13, 2015.During the festival our concert ensemble groups performed before a panel of adjudicators while students from other schools listened in as part of their own learning experience. 

Boscobel's groups did very well at the event and received the following ratings:

Class A entries receiving a first - High School Women's Choir and Mixed Choir.  

Class B entries receiving a first - High School Band and High School Men's Choir.

Class C entries receiving a first - Sixth Grade Choir, Middle School Mixed Choir, and Middle School Girl's Choir. 

Class C entries receiving a second - Middle School Band.

WSMA music festivals support school music programs as part of a comprehensive education by encouraging the study of quality music literature; motivating students to prepare and perform to the best of their abilities; improving students’ understanding of music literature and concepts (performance through understanding) and providing a performance assessment to improve individual and group achievement.

Great job Boscobel students!!!!  

Joey .