Elementary School 4K+Kindergarten-6 Grade   200 Buchanan Street                 1-608-375-4165
The Rock School was built in 1898 and later saved from demolition through a concerted community effort to preserve the City of Boscobel’s rich architectural heritage. The building was reopened for school use in 1988. Today it is home to 4K  Kindergarten, and 1st. grade and complements a rich variety of educational  opportunities  for area youngsters.                                        
ES Rock School
The Elementary School built in 1984 provides students in Grades 2-5 with a rich educational program organized around learning activities that provide mental, physical, social, and emotional growth and in accordance with the WI State Standards. The Early Childhood program is for pre-screened 3 year old children,to help prepare them for school entry.
ES Main
The Annex building was constructed in 1945 and reopened for school use in 1996. Today the two lower levels are home three Grade 6 classes. Students rotate between classrooms for Math, Science, Language Arts and a computer lab. The upper level holds the District Office and the Board of Education Meeting Room.
Es Annex
Middle School Grades 7 - 8                                         300 Brindley St.                1-608-375-4161

The Boscobel Middle School resides in the High School building. Our MS students have a core set of MS teachers dedicated to their education, a separate hallway, and their own bell system to switch classes. Shared resources include the Library, Bulldog Cafe, Gyms, and Computer Labs.
MS East Entrance
High School Grades 9 - 12                                         300 Brindley St.                     1-608-375-4161
Boscobel High School provides a comprehensive high school education to students in grades 9-12.  Along with general education and college preparatory courses, BHS offers many diversified electives to meet the needs of all students.
HS Main Entrance
Alternative School                                                         300 Brindley St.                     1-608-375-4161
The Boscobel Alternative School Program has been in operation since fall of 2006.This program is designed to individually meet the needs of our at risk students. Under the direction of Ms. Jean Salzgeber  and Mr. Steve Wacker, our students have the opportunity to earn a high school diploma. The hours of operation are Monday through Thursday from 4 pm-7 pm at the HS Tech Ed. Computer Lab.
MHS West Entrance
Paul Brandt School Forest                                             24211 N. Irish Ridge Rd.          1- 608-375-4165
The Paul Brandt School Forest serves as a multi-use natural school and community resource, providing opportunities for people to develop awareness of and appreciation for the natural world, to become informed, responsible decision-makers regarding the environment. Hands-on educational opportunities engage learners in this unique 80 acre environment.