2016-2017 School Calendar

                               2017-2018 School Calendar

Mr. Rodney Lewis

HS/MS Principal



School Spirit ...

  accompanies every phase of school activities, whether sports, music events, academic contests or daily schoolwork.

  School Spirit is a feeling of loyalty to our school.

 Each of us must contribute to possess it. 

Because we are a part of it and help to make it what it is, we have a common bond, a feeling of togetherness and belonging. 

School Spirit is teamwork. Let’s strive to make each year at BAS a better year than the one before!

BAS District Office 

1110 Park St
Boscobel, WI  53805 

 Heather Breunig
D.O. Admin Asst 

Phone: 608-375-4164
Fax:  608-375-2378

Middle,High and Alt.

300 Brindley St.
Boscobel, WI 53805

Chelsi Stanek-Secretary

Phone: 608-375-4161
Fax:  608-375-2640

Bulldog  Activity

        (608) 375-4198