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Staff Member Position Location Email Address Extension Web Page
District Office
Greg Bell District  Administrator  DO  Email 2511  

Crystal Brown
Business Manager
Administrative Assistant 
DO Email

Heather Breunig 

District Office Admin. Asst.
DO Email

Shayla Pickett
Admin Assistant
 Special Education
DO Email

Laurie Genz Prien

Special Education Director

Email 2516
Bus Garage        
Douglas Piotrowski
Head of Transportation

BG Email
Mark Lathrop Bus Driver/ BG Email VM4026
Tom Belz
Bus Driver

BG Email 2505
Tim Jones
Bus Driver

BG   2505
Gary Kjos
Bus Driver

Steve Pendleton Bus Driver BG   2505
Jerry Staskal
Bus Driver

BG   2505
Dean Ward
Bus Driver

High/Middle School Staff        
  Rod Lewis Principal HS\MS  Email  2314
  Joey Martin Activities Director HS\MS  Email  2315
Suzanne Brinkman School Nurse HS Email 3003
Kathy Bray 

HS  Email  2317

Chelsi Stanek



Rhonda Scallon Guidance Counselor & Alternative Ed Cord. HS Email 2319
Jim Trumm
HS Email

English  MS   Email  2340
Lonnie Clark

MS  Email  2342
Micheal Vergeront Math
HS Email  2328
Ingrid Fry Social Studies/Mock Trial MS  Email  2339
Susan Beck Math MS  Email  2341

English/Language Arts  HS  Email  2325
Jean Salzgeber  English/Public Speaking  HS   Email  2324
Emily Blackbourn Vocal Music   HS   Email  2305 Click Here
John Moran Technology Ed HS  Email  2302
Mark Ekiss Spanish  HS  Email  2323
Allie Harris  Reading-Grades 7-8 HS  Email  2344
Randy Streeter Physical Ed/Health HS  Email  2312
Rhonda Zart  Music  HS  Email  2351 Click Here
Charles Calabria Instrumental Music  HS  Email  2307 Click Here
Joan Anthony Math  HS  Email 2322
Kathy Larsen   Health/Physical Ed  HS  Email  2311

Family Consumer Ed HS  Email  2304
Robert Harry Social Studies/Psychology  HS  Email  2327
Russ Atkinson  Dean of Students
Social Studies/History 
HS  Email  2326/2314
Julie Schellhorn  Chemistry/Physics  HS  Email  2331
Julie Zart 
Business Ed 

HS  Email  2343

Biology  HS  Email  2329
Ben Johnston 

HS  Email  2303
Jeff Ostheimer  Agriculture/Science  HS  Email  2301
Carol Roth
Food Service 

HS  Email  2308
Sue Weigel 
Food Service  

HS  Email  2308
Denise Pitzer  Food Service HS  Email 2308
Skyler Reynolds  Spec Ed - Grades 7-9 HS  Email  2352
Kinney Kyle Spec Ed - Grades 7-12   HS  Email  2336
Cindy French  Spec Ed - Grades 7-12 HS  Email  2321
Wally Byrne  Spec Ed - Grades 7-12 HS Email  2338
 Mark Davis  Math  MS  Email  2337  
Frank Phalin Custodian HS
Contact HS Office
Craig Sommers Custodian HS
Contact HS Office
Faith Freymiller Spec Ed - Para  HS Email 2334
John Boeick Custodian HS
Contact HS Office
Danelle Schmid

Principal ES Email 

Tammy Hines Secretary ES Email 2124
Barb Sutherland  Secretary ES Email 2123
Suzanne Brinkman School Nurse ES Email 3003
Sharyl Kay
Guidance Counselor

ES Email 2121
Denise Thompson Special ED  ES Email 2407
Sarah Pegram Early Childhood ES Email 2402
Mary Lange

ES Email  2413
Lisa Stewart

ES Email 2401
Lisa Jacobson

ES Email 2409
Shannon Brownlee
Kindergarten - Para

ES Email 3504
Shaun Wittrig Kindergarten ES Email 2408
Bridget Bender 1st Grade ES Email 2102

1st Grade ES Email 2101
Patti Olund 1st Grade ES Email 2103
Karen Weber 1st Grade ES Email 2104
Penny Bohringer 2nd Grade ES Email 2107
Tabitha Devine 2nd Grade ES Email 2109
Michelle Erickson 2nd Grade ES Email 2110
Sara Watters
2nd Grade

ES Email 2108
Maureen Brisbois 3rd Grade ES Email 2203
Rich Buchholz 3rd Grade ES Email 2202
Dawn Kendrick 3rd Grade ES Email 2204

3rd Grade ES Email
Tomi Ann Gebhard 4K Teacher ES Email 2404
Sara Richter
4K Teacher

ES Email 2403
Erik Kinney
4th Grade

ES Email 2213
Jana Lenz
4th Grade

ES Email 2211
Deb Nordloh

4th Grade

ES Email 2212
Sally Schweiger
5th Grade

ES Email 2206
Rachel Gavin 5th Grade ES Email 2210
Judy Stalsberg 5th Grade ES Email 2209
Steve Wacker 6th Grade ES Email 2501

6th Grade ES Email 2504
Mary Trumm 6th Grade ES Email 2502
Jamie Vanharen District Librarian ES Email 3001
Elizabeth Haines District Librarian-Para ES Email 3515

Art ES Email 2214 Click here
Sarah Dalton
Spec Ed

ES Email 2115
Michelle Mueller Spec Ed ES Email 2105
Cassandra Dayton Spec Ed ES Email 2208
Chelsea Beinborn Spec Ed ES Email 2106
Nancy Sanger Spec Ed - Speech/Language ES Email 2405
Sharon Wheat Spec Ed - Speech/Language ES Email
Vicky Nahas
Spec Ed - Para

ES Email 3510
Shelley Baumeister Title - Para ES Email 3500
Connie Bender Spec Ed - Para ES Email 3502
Kari Brown
Spec Ed - Para

ES Email 3503
Sue Cashman Spec Ed - Para ES Email 3505
Deb Krogen Spec Ed - Para ES Email 3508
Janet Mindham Spec Ed - Para ES Email 3509

Spec Ed - Para

ES Email 3511
Mary Fritz Spec Ed - Para  ES Email 3507
Gail Grimsled Spec Ed Adaptive PE ES Email  2414
Sandra Klug
Title 1

ES Email 2207
Mary Mischel
Title 1

ES Email 2216
Nanette Oldenburg Title 1 ES Email 2220
Lyssa Stolte General/Vocal Music ES Email 2111
Stan Weigel K-6 Physical Education ES Email 2132  
Anne Walker Phy Ed - Para ES Email 3512
Darlene Bloedow Technology Assistant ES Email 2219

Barb Faulkner

Food Service
ES Email 2130
 Roelie Dregne
Food Service

Ashmore- Oler, Sarah
Food Service

ES   2308
Bernie Faulkner 

Sue Guernsey Custodian ES Email Contact ES Office
Arnie Burgus

ES Email Contact ES Office
Clayton Ward Custodian ES
Contact ES Office
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