State Solo Ensemble

Another great representation of our school and our community!  Below are the participants that competed at State Solo Ensemble at the University of Wisconsin Platteville last Saturday.  

If you see these students around, please tell them how awesome they are :)

State Solo and Ensemble participant scores at state students receive a rating of 1 (being the best) through 4. 

Receiving Firsts (Gold)
Madrigal Ensemble: 1
Jonah Zimpel - Musical Theater Solo: 1
Mixed Vocal Jazz: 1
Holly Hartwig - Vocal Solo:  1
Chandler Cashman -  Musical Theater Solo: 1
Tianna Salzgeber - Vocal Solo:  1-N (meaning she was nominated as an exemplary soloist 
Chandler Brindley - Vocal Solo:  1
Chandler Cashman - Vocal Solo: 1
Nolan Robinson - Vocal Solo:  1-N ( meaning he was nominated as an exemplary soloist
Samantha Manning - Vocal Solo:  1
Leah Bloedow & Mollie Christiansen - Vocal Duet:  1
Saxophone Choir: 1
Casey Ostheimer & Kristen Adams - Piano Duet:  1
Kaylea Davis - Vocal Solo:  1
Tyson Mayne - Vocal Solo:  1
Mollie Christiansen: - Vocal Solo: 1
Kristen Adams - Flute Solo:  1
Marcus Stalsberg - Vocal Solo:  1
Gideon Dalton, Casey Ostheimer and Leah Bloedow - Piano Trio:  1
Sally Pegram - Vocal Solo:  1

Receiving Seconds (Silver)
Women's Vocal Jazz:  2
Austin Wunnicke - Vocal Solo:  2
Emily Johnson - Vocal Solo:  2
Molly Pegram - Vocal Solo:  2
Sally Pegram - Musical Theater Solo:  2
Autumn Moret -  Musical Theater Solo: 2
Leah Bloedow - Musical Theater Solo: 2
Holly Hartwig & Nolan Robinson - Vocal Duet:  2

I know I say this all the time, but we all should be very proud of our school, our students, and our student-athletes!

Joey Martin
Boscobel Area Schools
Activities Director