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Long-Range Facility Planning

Our focus will always be on educating our students. At the same time, we need to address issues with our facilities and improve efficiencies. Over the long term, we would like to improve operational and staff efficiencies by serving all students at our middle-high school site. 

Right-Sizing Our District

The District conducted a community-wide survey in 2019. Results showed that a majority of community members supported reducing the number of schools we maintain and eventually consolidating operations on one campus. 

Consolidating is Necessary Because: 

  • We do not believe spending more money to update the aging Annex Building (built in 1945) and Rock School (built in 1898) is a good use of your tax dollars.  

  • We could save more than $150,000 each year by having fewer buildings to heat, clean, operate, and maintain. It would also eliminate future maintenance expenses.

  • These savings are very important because we have not received any additional funding from the state on a per-student basis and costs continue to increase (such as transportation, technology expenses, and utilities)

Facility Planning Timeline


  • Began strategic planning which included facility improvements

  • Established trust fund (Fund 46) to save for ongoing facility improvements

2016 Facility Referendum Presentation

  • Successful operational referendum to enhance educational programs and maintain district operations

  • Unsuccessful facilities referendum to add onto the high school and bring all grades to one location

2019 Survey Results from 2019

  • Conducted community survey about ongoing facility needs

    • Feedback:

      • The majority of respondents supported exploring a referendum

      • Based on funding support feedback, the district started long-term facility planning and prioritizing needs

2021 Facilities Assessment

  • Began facility assessment (completed January 2022)

Spring 2022

  • Formed Facility Advisory Committee made up of community members and district representatives (ongoing through early 2023)

    • Action Items:

      • Toured schools and explored modern learning environments

      • Discussed facility needs

      • Reviewed and provided feedback on options to address facility needs, costs, and potential tax impact

Summer 2022

  • Used Fund 46 and federal grand dollars for critical renovation work, including new HVAC equipment, plumbing, and bathroom and flooring upgrades

Winter 2022 Survey Results

  • Conducted Facility Planning Survey

  • Hosted Community Conversations to share about facility needs and the purposed solutions

Spring 2023 Referendum Sample Ballot

  • Facilities referendum

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