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Facility Advisory Committee

  • Charged with the task of seeking solutions for District needs

  • Review information provided by consultants

  • Provide input with District, community, and long-term goals in mind

  • Inform efforts of committee to the School Board for future planning


  • Educated on modern learning environments

  • Toured Elementary Annex Building, Elementary Rock School, and Elementary Main Building


  • Reviewed Summer 2022 projects

  • Toured Middle-High School

  • Reviewed conceptual options


  • Reviewed revised conceptual options

  • Reviewed cost estimates (Concord Group)

  • Educated on debt capacity (R.W. Baird)


  • Reviewed revised conceptual options

  • Educated on Finance 101 (R.W. Baird)


  • Reviewed revised conceptual options

  • Educated on community survey process (School Perceptions)

  • Began pursuing construction manager


  • Introductions to J.H. Findorff & Son as construction manager

  • Reviewed updated cost estimates, prioritization of District goals

  • Developed community survey (School Perceptions)


FAC Meeting.png

FAC Members

  • Lisa Wallin-Kapinus

  • Joan Anthony

  • Nate Copsey

  • Laurie Genz Prien

  • Kurt Hoeper

  • Jimmie Kaska

  • Roger Knoble

  • Cherryl Knowles

  • Greg Loos

  • Todd Miller

  • Mallory Knoble

  • John Morovits

  • Sara Richter

  • Rob Scherrer

  • Danelle Schmid

  • Pete Schroeder

  • Wendi Stitzer

  • Cathy Swenson

  • Casey Updike

  • Austen Wayne

  • Kaye Woodke

  • Derek Zimpel

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