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Boscobel Alternative School

300 Brindley Street,

Boscobel, WI 53805

Phone: (608)375-4161

The Boscobel Alternative School Program has been in operation since fall of 2006.  This program is designed to individually meet the needs of our at risk students.  Under the direction of Ms. Jean Salzgeber, our students have the opportunity to earn a high school diploma.


The hours of operation are Monday through Thursday from 4pm - 7pm at the High School Tech Ed. Computer Lab.

The Alternative School Program uses full online curriculum PLATO. Curriculum assignments are targeted to the individual academic needs of the student. The PLATO Program requires a student to earn 70% on each unit for a competency

to be considered mastered. Students will be graded on a Pass/Fail.

Boscobel Alternative Program Objectives

-Assist students in achieving a high school diploma and/or mastery of basic skills.

-Develop personalized instruction for each student.

-Establish a flexible school day for students who must work because of personal and/or financial need.

-Assist in the development of marketable job skills.


Graduation Requirements

A total of 28 credits earned in grades 9-12 are required for graduation with the Block 8 schedule. The following are the minimum requirements for graduation, but do not guarantee college admission:

4 credits            English (English 9,10,11 & 1 credit elective)

3.5 credits          (U.S. History I & II, World History, and Government and Law)

3 credits

3 credits           (1 Biological, 1 Physical, 1 Elective)

.5 credit

1.5 credits

Graduation Ceremony

Boscobel students in the Alternative Program who successfully complete the requirements for a diploma may choose to participate in the high school graduation ceremony. Students may graduate early providing all course work is completed in accordance with the Boscobel High School and the Boscobel School District.

Jean Salzgeber - Instructor



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